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Makerspace & Sound lab

Tech Lab

Located just across from the vibrant Youth Area on Level 1, the Tech Lab is a dynamic space designed to deliver access to an array of technology and digital resources. Immerse yourself in a maker environment equipped with PCs, vinyl cutter, 3D printers, design software and more.
Our commitment to building a cleaner and creative community, goes beyond simply providing the tools to create. The Tech Lab hosts a diverse range of programs led by our expert library staff, creating an engaging atmosphere for learning and exploration. Gain hands-on experience in digital creativity. Click here to browse our events program.

Sound Lab

Located in the Youth Area, our Sound Lab offers a private space to record audio and video content. Furnished with premium recording & photography equipment, including a green screen, microphones, headphones, cameras, and recording software, the studio allows users to produce high-quality recordings at no cost- Book into the monthly induction here to gain access.