library printers

Printing, Photocopying & Scanning

Printing ($)

The library has two printers– one for the general public and one for SWTAFE staff and students.

Printing from a Public PC (via public printer):

  1. Log in to a public PC using your library membership details.
  2. After logging in, sign in to the Papercut (printing software) window once it appears.
  3. Click on ‘File’ and then ‘Print’. Take note of how many pages you sent to the printer so you know how much money to add to your card.
  4. Go to Service Desk and pay for print credit.
  5. Go to printer and tap on screen ‘User ID’. Scan your Library Card.
  6. Home screen will show your printing balance tap ‘Access Device’
  7. Your print job will appear in the queue Tap on the jobs you would like to print and press ‘Print’.

Printing from a Public PC (via SWTAFE printer):

  1. Log in to a public PC using your library membership details.
  2. Email your files as attachments to the print queue: (alternatively you can save your files to a USB to print directly from the printer)
  3. Tap your SWTAFE Student ID card on the authentication plate. If it is your first time using the printer, you will need to sign in with your SWTAFE computer login details.
  4. Your print jobs will appear in the Print Queue.  Press ‘Print & Delete’ to print.

Printing from your own device:

Adding Print Credit

Public customers: Add print credit at the Service Desk.

SWTAFE customers: SWTAFE students will need to add print credit to their accounts at South West Central in D Building.

Cost of Printing

Paper Size





Black & White








Black & White







Photocopying ($)

The library provides access to black & white and colour photocopying (A4 and A3) for both the general public and SWTAFE staff and students.

See pricing chart above. For assistance with photocopying please see library staff at the service desk.

Scanning (Free)

Scanning is free for all library customers.

Public Printer: You must have an email address added to your Library account in order to scan to email.

SWTAFE Printer: Your scan goes to the email address you provided to SWTAFE upon enrolment.